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Welcome to the era of
artificial intelligence

in your business!

Get accurate and instant information to optimise your tasks and make better decisions.

At K2B, we understand technology applied to businesses. Thus, K2B AI is born.


Leap to a new level of productivity

Now you can express your intentions in natural language, and K2B AI will directly guide you to the action you need.

Experience a whole new level of productivity that combines intention-based user interface design and artificial intelligence technology to create a natural and intuitive user experience.

Gain new insights about your business

Learn faster and work smarter.

Discover more efficient ways to perform tasks and visualize your data to make better decisions with the help of K2B AI, enhancing your business insights in a natural and efficient manner.


Interfaces that learn from you

Innovative interfaces powered by artificial intelligence learn and improve over time, providing a more personalized and efficient experience that will help you achieve your goals more quickly.

Revolutionize your UX and empower your users

Discover a new way to interact with your ERP that will transform your users' experience, unlocking their potential and increasing their satisfaction.

Eliminate the learning curve; the onboarding process for new users has never been easier.


Data privacy

Your data will continue to be safeguarded with all the access controls and security practices as always. They are not exposed outside of your organization, and they can only be accessed through the K2B platform.

¿Are you ready for the big leap?

Get early access

Join the waitlist and be one of the first to test and co-create K2B IA with us.

Learn more at:


+598 2601 20 82

Av. Italia 6201. Parque Tecnológico, Edificio Los Pinos - Planta Alta.

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